Veterinary Medicine has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. As a result, our pets are healthier and human-animal bonds are stronger. This in turn demands more advanced veterinary care such as specialized surgery. The goal of Princeton Veterinary Surgery LLC is to work with your team to expand the surgery services of your hospital by providing the latest surgical expertise and specialized surgical treatment for your patients.



Do what is best for the patients with open client communication


Why choose us?

  • Provide convenience by coming to you so your clients and patients do not have to travel.
  • Provide my cell phone number and email to clients for questions pre-op and post-op
  • Maintain continuity of cases with the same primary veterinarian and hospital, resulting in stronger doctor-client-patient relationship and optimal care for patients
  • Offer and expand the specialty surgery that your hospital can provide


Additional perks

  • Courtesy phone consults and radiograph interpretations for veterinarians
  • In-house lecture and lunch-and-learn for your staff